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Holloway recognized as “Record Producer of the Year” by American Black Music Awards

From the memories of innocence on a Springfield playground to the neon lights of the Las Vegas music scene, Jamerson Holloway’s road to success has been paved with the largest of dreams and the greatest of intentions.

“When I was in kindergarten, I had a crush on a girl named Tina,” remembers Holloway of his early years. “Every day, my grandfather would take my cousin Broda and me to Iles Elementary School. I would convince him to stop at Mello-Cream Donuts to get a half-dozen assorted. I would share them with Tina. That made me feel like a prince. To this day I chuckle inside when I think about it.”

As fond as memories of small town life are to Holloway, his dreams drew him away from mid-America to the bright lights of Las Vegas and its burgeoning hip-hop scene.

“In 1991, I knew I had to take my talents elsewhere if I was to succeed,” says Holloway. “If I was going to pursue music I had to migrate to a music Mecca. I had to be where music was happening.”

Vacillating between Atlanta and Las Vegas, it was a fortuitous coin toss that brought Holloway West of the Rockies. Upon his arrival he immediately integrated himself into the business community, earning respected positions within the hospitality and real estate industries. He spent a number of years in the Food & Beverage Department at Caesars Palace and became a registered consultant with the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. His early successes allowed Holloway the freedom to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors. He co-founded Periwinkle Media Group, and is responsible for overseeing both the strategic and day-today operations of the marketing business. He also established the well-respected Ski Dog Records, an independent record label in which he controls all operations. In recognition for his achievements, Holloway was recently named “Best Hip Hop Record Producer,” a coveted recognition of the American Black Music Awards that celebrates industry leaders who have built a lasting legacy in music. “

Attaining an objective is gratifying,” says Holloway, “But maintaining your position is where the real work begins. In each of these fields you’re in the driver’s seat - you’re in control,” says Holloway of his successes in his trio of creative, peopleoriented industries. While his accomplishments in the music world may be viewed as prominent, high-profile celebrity-levels of achievement, he also takes great pride in successes that have long-lasting impact on thers.

“When you’re showing a young couple a new home, and at the very moment they walk through the door and realize they have found the place they will call home,” says Holloway, “That’s a very fulfilling feeling to help someone’s dream come true.”

Holloway has numerous people he credits with supporting his journey to success. Leading the way is his mother.

“Irma Holloway-Lott is a rock,” says Holloway with pride. “All those spankings paid off! By no means was I an easy child to raise. She never gave up on me, and that made me believe in myself.”

Other “lights” in his life include Georgia Holloway, Leroy Slater, Erskin Route Sr., Mac Frazier, Rose Walton, Earl Micks and Phillipa Porter. He also gives credit to his “Band of Brothers,” Jarrard Holloway, Jimmy Hale, Erskin Route Jr., Richard Thompson, Travis Williams and the late Bruce “Ski Dog” Hayden.

In addition to his significant professional achievements, Holloway makes a concentrated effort to give back to the Southern Nevada community. He supports the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the American Marketing Association, Valley View Cares, Junior Achievement, the “I Have a Dream Foundation” and Lighthouse, which assists families impacted by AIDS/HIV where he serves as a Board Member.

What can we expect to see from Holloway in the future? He’s currently re-launching the Ski Dog website and promoting artist Wildcard and his “Joker’s Wild” album. He’s also marketing a new beverage called Fly Energy Drink. On a personal level, Holloway is graduating magna cum laude from College of Southern Nevada and enjoying time as a devoted father to his 2-year-old daughter, Zoie.

Hillary Clinton says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and she was dead-on point with that quote,” says Holloway. “Phillipa Porter once told me, ‘Never limit your options,’ and Earl Micks said, ‘African-Americans are too busy wearing our riches instead of acquiring wealth.’ Those are some of the signs in the map of my life. I call them ‘jewels’ because they’re precious bits of information you hold on to, that help guide you through life. They prevent you from forgetting where you came from.” Media Contact: Jo Cato 702 743-7087 Periwinkle Marketing & Public Relations

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